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The Nursery

Gorgeous and lush plants and flowers so you can create your own perfect space

Quality is the number one requirement at our nursery.  Our plants are grown from reputable local growers.  Not only do we check quality when the plants arrive we also visit the growers to see their facilities.  Our attention to detail insures you get the best quality available.

Some plants are only available through selective ordering and patience in purchasing at the appropriate time of year. Other plants may be purchased the same day from the wide selection in the nursery.


Landscape Services

Let us do the work to make Your Gardens the perfect oasis

Let us go to work for you! Our gardens are just a small reflection of our creativity and the capability of our staff. Our staff is available to aid you in the selecting the right plant for your home.  We offer design services from rough sketches to a more formal design.  

A close up of flowers with manicured bushes behind and a stone wall is just one element you'll find in the garden. Having been in the landscaping business for over 30 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to work our magic for you.

If you have a small addition to your existing landscape and need some quick help. Just bring in the plat of survey and some pictures of the spot you would like help with and we will be glad to help you for no charge.

If you would like us to do CAD design the fees start at $250.00 and go up from there. Fees are charged per design size and complexities.

You will receive a 10% credit off each purchase of design material made at The Gardens at regular retail price, up to the total cost of the design.


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